Israeli pavilion at the Medica fair leading technologies

Vardina Hilloo

Medical fair in Duesseldorf city November 14 - 17  was registered during the 4 days of appearance record of visitors
at the Israeli pavilion, hundreds of them from Asia, USA, Europe even from Arab countries were seeking to get
information made in Israel as medical products and its technologies  and be exposed to leading innovation, Including
facial and body  treatment through non-invasive devices, demonstrated those interested in personally.

Dozens of Israel's leader high-tech companies in healthcare and medical IT fields was attracting  every day visitors such
as doctors, scientists, distributors, etc.  who came to learn about the latest innovation in terms of futuristic medical
devices and groundbreaking discoveries of more then 60 companies, as Lumenis the world’s largest energy-based medical
device company for surgical, ophthalmology and aesthetic solutions. As an international leader in the developmen
and commercialization of innovative energy-based technologies, including laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL),
Radio-Frequency (RF) and Ultrasound, Lumenis has redefined medical treatments and set numerous technological


and clinical gold standards.
Other example is Dpe medical LTD. company at a Glance Total Stairs and Gait Training Solutions. Dpe Medical is a
unique international company that specializes in the development and manufacture of revolutionary products in the field
of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Close collaboration with senior and experienced physiotherapists, together with
an outstanding research and development department.

TavTech pioneering Jetechnolgy for endless applications is based on aviation and space science principles,
granted a facial for men and women. The device takes water or agent, accelerates it using pressurized air to
subsonic velocities. With a special hand-piece-nozzle breaks the  ccelerated liquid into micro-droplets.
The jet-stream gently and painlessly touches the treated skin or tissue to desired effect. Jetpeel3V /
Medical, MyJet and Jetpeel Mini / Aesthetic are suitable for all skin types, all seasons and a diverse
range of aesthetic specializations. These devices are effectively delivering solutions trans dermally
without using needles, without pain or discomfort. Jetechnolgy has also interesting roll in wound
management (Jetox – cleansing & debridement) and in Colonoscopy

19 November 2016